Black guy in the black world
Black guy in the black world. Peoples want to come running home as fast as possible, but moving black wall it undermines the way. Each level more and more obstacles still moving quickly. Mikl fingers you will be able to find your way to the poor. shadowscape
Played: 9937.
Chicken game
Chicken game. Chicken is running through the village, the forest. You need to help them overcome obstacles and reach the finish line. Funny game for any age player. Chickens.
Played: 11479.
Create your poison against the monsters
Invent a poisonous biological weapon that would destroy the monsters running towards you. Remember that you need to mix yellow, blue and red of poison at two different proportions to get different weapons. Each monster is more afraid of other poisons.
Played: 18448.
Dinosaur horror meteorites
Dinosaur horror meteorites. Bek as soon as possible while on the head užkrito meteorite. Not one you are running, and the other running, no one knows where. Since going on mass hysteria here to watch and other dinosaurs, they now cannibals and crazy.
Played: 12075.
Dr. Hare
Dr. Hare. Hare is a real doctor. He rushes to the aid and help other animals to reach the hospital. Once the animals are distressed cries help, and hare running to rescue them.
Played: 31332.
Fast output
Fast output. Run as fast as possible and find the exit. At each level, you get the code, because after a few levels of the game you will be able to extend the next day. Here the main thing to find the exit as soon as possible and to keep going. White Pegman running out of the maze.
Played: 11999.
Fast running
Fast running. You're a fast runner, but your on the road constantly obstructed by various objects. Sometimes you will have to bouncers, sometimes pašliaužioti. Purpose - not impacting reach the finish line. Do you have a good reaction? Kaiwarun.
Played: 27631.
Heart of the city
Heart of the city. Dive into the world of adventure. When running through the city quickly learned not only manage the keys, but also to experience the real adventure. Use the D,F,G and arrow keys. Obstacles to jump or palysk and destroy enemies.
Played: 14138.
John loves Mary
John loves Mary. John loves Mary so that running away with it as you can. Marytė also trying to come running as soon as possible to John. John Rule to AWSD, Maryte with the arrow keys and help them to meet.
Played: 33491.
Penguin is running
Penguin is running out. The game objective - to prevent the penguin to reach an ice-hole. Penguin will try by all means as soon as possible to jump into the hole. You have to lay out the ice blocks to seal off the penguin. If the penguin will not remain options to get to the ice-hole - you won. The farther away, the more difficult to play, but also more interesting.
Played: 13189.
Pyro. Free Flash SWF game online. Play now! No download require. Like to play with fire? Get all the torches lit without running out of fireballs. It burns, but it's a good kind of burn!
Played: 17084.
Running robot
Running robot. Test your reactions and tweak it. Timely guess jump, the robot does not fall into the abyss or not placed into the wall. The farther away - the more interesting for experienced players who are not afraid to hit the floor eyes, fingers and brain. Railbot.
Played: 13440.
Where I'm running?
Where I'm running? Wherever you are running - rear sight. However, with some effort, however you will find the finish line. Not afraid to fall hard here, because character must pay to climb, hang and jump from wall to wall.
Played: 15723.