RPG games

Barracks. You dropped off soldiers in a database, where it is raining rain, lots of explosives and weapons. It's dark. Careful, unknown to others, scroll to the base inside and destroy it.
Played: 20998.
Dragon Age
Dragon Age. Large and very dreary world. Many soldiers, knights, horsemen. And you alone, alone, alone. Who will help you, if not the most about you? Must go through the whole world, collect treasures, weapons, and become the ruler. Great, great ruler.
Played: 148452.
Fur war
Fur war. You have four producing animals and have them trained so that they are stronger. This may lead them to war. If you win - you get the money. For the money you can train animals, buy weapons, so they will be stronger for future fights.
Played: 19012.
Go away
Go away. Make your own army. Buy soldiers. Buy weapons. Improve them during training. The go a long way - the more money you get. The game will end when you come to a boss and defeat him.
Played: 21035.
King's Island
King's Island. You are here randomly completely naked. But your muscles fuel flow, wishing revenge, do not sleep here. Crush the villagers and Loot entire kingdom.
Played: 21902.
Legend of Diablo
Legend of Diablo. Legend of the Void. Free Flash SWF game online. Play now! No download require.
Played: 42798.
Pandora legend
Pandora legend. RPG game with a big world. Here you need to look for things to kill enemies, earn money, to carry out missions. Shop to buy better weapons and other necessary items.
Played: 23307.
Sin Mark War game
Sin Mark War game. Free Flash SWF game online. Play now! No download require. RPG.
Played: 17468.
Small World
world of science. Small World. A small, small world of Prince. Choose what you will. Here you work, eat, sleep, prausiesi. You will live. This is your life. You want to relax and to earn money. It all depends on you.
Played: 23197.
Sorrow of the world
Sorrow of the world. Choose with whom you will live in this world. This character will accompany you everywhere. With it, you will have to go all over the world, collecting items, search for treasure. Talk to people, they will tell you what to do.
Played: 15097.
Treasure Dungeon RPG
Treasure Dungeon RPG. Free Flash SWF game online. Play now! No download require.
Played: 18582.
Walk on the skeleton
Walk on the skeleton. You are a soldier that is in underground caves. Doubtless, that you want to get out of here. But you are waiting a very long way to go, because there are many skeletons to walk and attack you, as well as all kinds of dinosaurs and other creatures. Not so fast, fight at the same time with only one opponent and nepraloŇ°i. Everyone killed opponent can give you useful items. Back slash crawl
Played: 11433.