Teaching games

Africa Map
Africa Map. Free Flash SWF game online. Play now! No download require. Africa must be the size of a continent with all these freaking countries in it. Test your geography ignorance with this map game.
Played: 42724.
Aritmetic school
Aritmetic school. Mathematics lessons. Make sure that you pay really good at math? Easy and simple game instead of paying math teacher run.
Played: 120362.
Crosswords in English
Crosswords in English. Check not only your English language skills, but also learn quickly to recognize the words with missing letters. Here you need to select the box and guess what it has to be a letter.
Played: 19586.
Electrical circuit. Logic tutorials
Electrical circuit. Logic tutorials. Here you will need to turn your head and logically arranged an electrical circuit so that the electrical pritekėtų to final destination. Stir in switches, cables, batteries, fans, solar panels, to solve the puzzle. Puzzles. electricians.
Played: 20316.
English language - colors
English language - color. Here you will need to put the colored pencils on the notes. Test your knowledge of whether or not you pay all the names of colors in English.
Played: 59484.
European cities - where are they?
European cities - where are they? Here you will have to guess where on the map there are some European cities. The closer to miss - the more points you get. A great way to learn geography.
Played: 15285.
European map
European map. Here you will have to put the territories of the countries corresponding shapes on the map. Are you sure you know how to look european countries form?
Played: 19374.
Find English words in alphabet
Find English words in alphabet. Find as many words scattered pile of letters. To give you a certain period of time in which to collect as many words. Test your knowledge of English.
Played: 14253.
Gallows - guess an English word
Gallows - guess an English word. You will be asked a question and give a word of cells. Spėliodamas letters guess the word. Has only a few times to go wrong.
Played: 31795.
Geometric shapes memory game
Geometric shapes memory game. Look geometric figure and then it paint - whether you have a good visual memory? Test, a very good developmental game.
Played: 27244.
Globe Game
Globe Game. Free Flash SWF game online. Play now! No download require. OK, Mr. SmartyButtons. We're ready for you. Find countries. Place countries. Identify flags. Pinpoint landmarks. The ultimate map game is Here & Now!
Played: 31834.
Learn fast typing
Can you quickly assemble English alphabet keyboard? And your friends quickly collect? Try it. Fast assembly alphabetical keyboard. Learn fast typing.
Played: 17100.
Learn mathematics
Mathematics. Three levels of composition lessons that help develop memory component. Here you will need to add two numbers - in this case, baseball hit by the ball.
Played: 17031.
Map of the World
Map of the World. Here you will be able to test their knowledge and learn where the various countries of the world globe. You will be asked where you are in a country and you will have to select it on the map.
Played: 20716.
Mathematics for young children
Mathematics for young children. Count the animals or fruit and press a number as far as I can tell. It's an easy game, starting with 1,2,3, and so on.
Played: 35015.
Mathematics: the number of the composition
Mathematics: the number of the composition. You need to add two numbers to get the result. These two numbers must find a table, and click. You guessed it, the numbers disappear and Table deserted.
Played: 21437.
Middle East & South Asia Map
Middle East & South Asia Map. Free Flash SWF game online. Play now! No download require. It seems there's a different name for every country in Asia. Who knew? Test your geography ignorance with this map game.
Played: 30130.
Physics: Remove unnecessary shapes
Physics: Remove unnecessary shapes. You will need to remove the pieces that no one falling. If the first attempt fails - try again.
Played: 18412.
Spatial perception
Spatial perception. Pull the lines so that they collide. You need to have a 3D spatial imagination, so you can arrange the lines, they nesikertant. Shapes.
Played: 21766.