Crosswords in English
Crosswords in English. Check not only your English language skills, but also learn quickly to recognize the words with missing letters. Here you need to select the box and guess what it has to be a letter.
Played: 16533.
English language - colors
English language - color. Here you will need to put the colored pencils on the notes. Test your knowledge of whether or not you pay all the names of colors in English.
Played: 53428.
Find English words in alphabet
Find English words in alphabet. Find as many words scattered pile of letters. To give you a certain period of time in which to collect as many words. Test your knowledge of English.
Played: 11804.
Gallows - guess an English word
Gallows - guess an English word. You will be asked a question and give a word of cells. Spėliodamas letters guess the word. Has only a few times to go wrong.
Played: 27452.
Learn fast typing
Can you quickly assemble English alphabet keyboard? And your friends quickly collect? Try it. Fast assembly alphabetical keyboard. Learn fast typing.
Played: 14635.
Mystery IQ test
Mystery IQ test. Free IQ Test mystical form of the game. Need a little knowledge of the English language, and easy to check your intelligence Coefficient. Intelligence Coefficient indicates how many can think logically.
Played: 12675.
Songs for children
Songs for children, infants, teens. Funny, exciting songs that teach English, mathematics and the colors. Various top songs that your child will take a useful, it will raise the mood and something to teach.
Played: 8209.
Think of the word as soon as possible
Think of the word as soon as possible. Here you will be given a few letters. Of these, you have to come up with a word and write it. If you wrote a word press Enter. Once you have decided the correct word, the man makes his turn to come. Try to come up with the longest word that the man would go on to reach their cave. If you speak English, the settings can choose Spanish, French, Italian. Typesaurus.
Played: 50014.