Angry birds
Angry birds. Free Flash SWF game online. Play now! No download require.
Played: 61816.
Devils game
Devils game. If you like the game Angry Birds, try this and here not to shoot the pigs, but to demons and knights. Within a few shots to shoot down all the devils on the screen. not in my dungeon
Played: 8746.
Shoot the pigs
Shoot the pigs. The original Angry Birds and vivacious game known to all. This is another one of its version. Try and remember the course of the game. You need to shoot birds in pigs. Pigs must fall into the abyss. Aim correctly, select the appropriate angle.
Played: 9333.
The war in the distance
The war in the distance. You are holding the big guns, but have limited ammunition. Shoot more accurately, that the pataikytum targets. A game similar to Angry Birds. "The essence of the game - exactly to target soldiers.
Played: 15345.