Build your Hotel
Build your Hotel. Hotel tycoon. Free Flash SWF game online. Play now! No download require.
Played: 25290.
Demons fairy-tale country
Demons fairy-tale country. Build your guards around tales of the country and save it from raiders. Every time defeating the demon will get money. For the money you can buy better soldiers. Your village will win only if all the time to fight, collect money and do not allow the demons to plunder the population.
Played: 7616.
Empire. Build your empire and varžykis with others! The many players who enjoy the game to anyone who likes strategy games.
Played: 96458.
Enemies attacking
Enemies attacking. Think carefully what you need from them and soldiers to Build your walls. They will defend your city from the barbarians, the Vikings and the other robbers. Protected the city - to protect its people, and for this you will be rewarded. each level you can buy better soldiers.
Played: 8280.
Protect the kingdom
Protect the kingdom. Here, every minute of a hostile king's soldiers are trying to enter the palace and take them. Here you will need to build your watchful as to avoid the enemies to the king.
Played: 26377.