A robotic cannon
A robotic cannon. Shoot away the robot, which will collect the money. For the money you can buy a better gun and a robot to shoot further. The game, which do not need to think.
Played: 12901.
Albert the Dog
Albert the Dog. Flash SWF game online. Play now! No download require. Albert, a blue cyberdog, wishes to be a cosmonaut. Which is like an astronaut, but crustier. Anyway - you've got to learn to work in zero gravity, which somehow translates to grabbing stars in a skateboard halfpipe. Booyah!
Played: 14433.
Black Beak's Treasure Cove
Play this adventure game as one of Toucan Sam's nephews. Open all the treasure chests in your way to collect the fruits and jump to collect all the fruit loops, but be careful not to fall in the water or be stung by the sea creatures. Complete all the levels and at the end of each level you will find a surprise: a bottle message which Black Beak has left to the nephews. This bottle message contains a clue to where Toucan Sam and his nephews must go. Have fun! Free Flash SWF game online. Play now! No download require.
Played: 47247.
Blast the earth
Blast the earth. Small balls, Peoples goes just right. Your task - to help the bomb, which exploded as the Peoples fall. When you drop all the balls to move to the next level.
Played: 13275.
Bombards. Decide which susprodinsi bomb first. This determines whether to successfully started the chain of explosions. If not - do not give up, try again.
Played: 15467.
Bubble shooter 2
Bubble shooter 2. A new version of the bubble ball flies into the pirate world. If you like similar types of games - try and not be disappointed. There are also a lot of colorful bubbles, which have a combined, they exploded.
Played: 33971.
Butterfly fantasy 2
Peaceful Butterfly fantasy game in which you need to find differences in pictures. By playing to engage in a beautiful but sad story. If you still did not play the first part - Think it, use search and you will find the game. It is also the third part.
Played: 12149.
Coral puzzle
Coral puzzle. Shoot the different colored corals to blast them. Passed the level you will be able to buy weapons, which will be easier. Coral shooter. Coral cup 2.
Played: 17281.
Desktop racing
Races on the table. With small cars drive over a table, on which a lot of things - pencils, books, spoons. You will need to collect stars and other objects. This lightweight drive your game.
Played: 30305.
Diamond Caves
Diamond Caves. Ninja is the basement, which is full of diamonds. Help him to collect all the diamonds, gems. Do not forget to explore every corner, because there could find gold. Ninja miner.
Played: 30100.
Diamonds miner
This is the diamond, gold, precious stones, precious metals mine. You are holding a machine which excavates the ground. Earth, you will find a lot of precious minerals, which you can sell and upgrade their car.
Played: 23652.
Egg world
Egg world. In this game you will feel like a live egg, willing to enter the house. We will have to go through the fields, forests, mountains and broken eggs, which you want to attack. It is a mild game, but will need to work with both hands - the mouse and keyboard.
Played: 10861.
Epic Relic Soldiers
Soldiers. The game traniruosi soldiers and then send them to the enemy side. The soldiers themselves will know the target and destroy enemy bases around the present. Opposing destruction of objects - you get gold, for which you will be able would buy weapons. Relic of War.
Played: 12908.
Find English words in alphabet
Find English words in alphabet. Find as many words scattered pile of letters. To give you a certain period of time in which to collect as many words. Test your knowledge of English.
Played: 13198.
Flying Panda
Flying Panda. Pando shoot away. Panda will go and collect the money. The more money had gathered, the better you can buy a cannon Panda. The game, which does not require a lot of sense. Jet pack panda.
Played: 11132.
Four differences
Four differences. The game, which shows two pictures. Look each picture four differences and click them. Remember that the differences might move, such as fly the plane. Are you able to complete the whole game?
Played: 8977.
Give through the ass
Give through the ass. Guilty to get the punishment. Give through a guilty ass old man who he paskraidys. The farther he flies away - the more money you get, for which you will be able to buy upgrades. This game does not require any thinking.
Played: 17844.
Green alien
Green alien. UFO fell into a flying saucer from which wants to escape. It is very much labyrinth, where dangerous, here you can get lost. Help the stranger soon find the exit. Transmorpher 2
Played: 16712.
Green child
Green child. The poor man wants to get home, but the road is long. Here chasm here sharp knives and traveling lanes. Beyond that, everything has to be overcome as soon as possible. Only a very quick with your fingers will be able to pass the entire game, which is really fun. Pajama boy
Played: 8462.
Green Circus
Circus. Uniformly green circus show various tricks. However, it faces challenges, which includes solutions to you. Help Peoples to fall gently into the water pool.
Played: 22211.
Gum attack
Gum attack. You are a safe road, which goes Gum. You win, if you refuse to let go Gums and all it shot. Build protective towers and upgrade them.
Played: 11617.
Make sure you're color blind
Make sure you're color blind. Identify the color and location. This game will be shown in the drawing, in which some parts are cut. You need to find the color and location of the cut and put that part. The game is not color blind. Color blind test. offs3t
Played: 16967.
Monkey tower defence 5 TD
Monkey tower defence 5 TD. Balloons flock, and you are shooting at them. Build the strongest monkey that balloons from reaching goal. At each level, you will get the money for which you will be able to buy stronger weapons.
Played: 35289.
Never look back
Never look back. This is a classic old-style game in which a lot of thinking is required. Here you need to go ahead and avoid obstacles, jump, shoot. If you get tired of color and high-quality graphics for gaming - Relax by moving in this.
Played: 7902.
New discoveries in deep ocean
New discoveries in deep ocean. You are a scientist who explores the deep ocean and its animals. Funding is given to you - you have a submarine which can go deep and find new fish and animal species, the discoveries you will get money. Deap sea hunter 2
Played: 14537.
Noah's Ark - a casino gaming machine free
Noah's Ark - a casino gaming machine. It is a favorite Lithuanian, Latvian and Russian game, which is often very generous. If you are lucky, you win a lot of times in a row 25 times more will not go to the other constructions, and the bonus is over 100 times. Success. Big win
Played: 28757.
Pirate ships
Pirate ships. You are a pirate and sail the sea. You will have to fight many enemies and monsters. Connecting the pipes, which will be forwarded to the fire and then detonated a bomb.
Played: 16897.
Protect guy
Protect guy. Observe the following figures, which covers the cannon to shoot the man. Each level is more difficult, because will have to turn his head as here painted it a shape that just does not interfere with the human cannonball.
Played: 19892.
Randobot - it's a big and strong robot traveling caves and channels. It collects energy, which can then use to improve.
Played: 11681.
Very engaging game where you play a mercenary robot trying to destroy the invaders of Titan Prime. There are several levels, each with a large number of interconnected rooms that you need to go through. You will also earn money, which allows you to buy new weapons and armor.
Played: 23076.
Small cars race on small roads
Small cars race on small roads. Try all bypassed. The more travel, the more you will get the money for which you will be able to improve the car. Conquer the car with arrow keys. grand prix go 2
Played: 13999.
Small Worlds
Small Worlds. Here the low ground, so that they can scour a minute. Jump from the world of the world, and keep the mission to which access the game. Therraspheres
Played: 11180.
Sparkle beetles
Sparkle beetles. Brown glow-worm. Click beetles, which are three of the same color. They will disappear. It is a step by step to the next level.
Played: 21226.
Sports golf game
Sports golf game. Your goal is to knock down the ball in the hole marked use as possible is fewer strokes. The ball can not fall into the water or inaccessible places, in which case you will be deducted one point. Adjust blows with the strength and direction with the mouse.
Played: 9720.
Stone splitter
Stone splitter. This is a classic game in which you are holding little man who runs underground and collect the diamonds. When you collect all diamonds - you enter the next level. The farther away, the harder it is.
Played: 36592.
Super Crazy Guitar Maniac 3
The latest release on this series. On Super Crazy Guitar Maniac 3, you have a great collection of songs to choose from (some of which will need to be unlocked first). The gameplay involves both the keyboard arrows and the numbers. You just need to hit them at the right time though — there is no need to strum the guitar.
Played: 39453.
Sweetie. Wonderland! Here in color and sweet. Many many sweets, which will have collected. Go to the right and collect candy, you have to collect them all. Do not be afraid if it turns bad - from sweets so often.
Played: 11401.
The girl pilgrim
The girl pilgrim. Help the beautiful and intelligent little girl to find her house. It's a big world which is easy to get lost. Here you can meet friends and enemies. Jump on top of mushrooms, landžiok after underworld, cry sunny world. Here you will see a lot really.
Played: 10676.
Two Wheeler Trauma
Two Wheeler Trauma. Free Flash SWF game online. Play now! No download require. You'll hear a lot of four-letter words if you don't make it through traffic in this two-wheeler. Weave to race through cars which won't move for an hour
Played: 27743.
UFO traveling back home
UFO traveling back home. UFO traveling to another planet. But before that he needs to build a good space ship which is capable of high-rise. This requires the collection of money and buy a ship upgrades.
Played: 32459.
War of Civilizations
War of Civilizations. Number of people in the world. This increases the friction between the tribes. Constantly at war and hijacked territory. Which civilization soon occupy the earth, the happiness of survival struggle. And you try to seize the world. Send your troops into enemy territory. Civ wars 2
Played: 14170.
Zombie crusher
Zombie crusher. You instantly get fire machine with which you will have to travel farther. Your zombies along the way a lot of you are going to have a crush. Failing which the same shall become zombie food. earn to die 2012
Played: 19381.