50 ccm Turbo
Cool game where you drive funny small not so powerful motor bike and your job is to avoid traffic. Free Flash SWF game online. Play now! No download require.
Played: 34309.
Alien Annihilator
Alien Annihilator. Free Flash SWF game online. Play now! No download require. Do it! Blast your way to victory! But where? In the beautiful, but chilly, vacuum of space, naturally.
Played: 20277.
Around the world in 80 days
Around the world in 80 days. Playing this puzzle you travel through the cities of the world and get to know them. Here you will need to lay out the various blocks that coincide with the color and it exploded. Nowhere Take your time, because it is soothing game.
Played: 39167.
Barracks. You dropped off soldiers in a database, where it is raining rain, lots of explosives and weapons. It's dark. Careful, unknown to others, scroll to the base inside and destroy it.
Played: 16420.
Black Beak's Treasure Cove
Play this adventure game as one of Toucan Sam's nephews. Open all the treasure chests in your way to collect the fruits and jump to collect all the fruit loops, but be careful not to fall in the water or be stung by the sea creatures. Complete all the levels and at the end of each level you will find a surprise: a bottle message which Black Beak has left to the nephews. This bottle message contains a clue to where Toucan Sam and his nephews must go. Have fun! Free Flash SWF game online. Play now! No download require.
Played: 44461.
Blow up the train
Blow up the train. You have mine as a bridge over the train to fall into the abyss. If spogmenis plained where randomly, you are lost.
Played: 12383.
Bubbles 2
Bubbles 2. Another version of the bubble-balls. Relax, take your time and play anywhere blowing up thousands of colored balls.
Played: 123122.
Bugongo agg
Bugongo . Dinosaur egg rolls toward the outlet. And you are the same dinosaur. You need to remove all the obstacles to reach the egg safely home. This nesunkiame game and look for concealed where you will find golden eggs.
Played: 19373.
Cleopatra 2 free flash slot machine
Cleopatra 2 slot machine. A well-known game all over the world. Previously, it was popular Cleopatra 1 machines, and this is an updated and more interesting. You'll get a rare win. The biggest gains - a bonus game where your winnings multiply the number of rotations. Rotations, you can receive an additional bonus. Free flash game.
Played: 20127.
Dinosaur horror meteorites
Dinosaur horror meteorites. Bek as soon as possible while on the head užkrito meteorite. Not one you are running, and the other running, no one knows where. Since going on mass hysteria here to watch and other dinosaurs, they now cannibals and crazy.
Played: 9254.
Drops getaway
Drops getaway. Drops fell into the factory, where it wants to catch and kill. Only you can help him quickly. Click anything that would help free up the passage, and as soon as possible to escape. Robots do not sleep, they are hot on the heels. Anbot 2.
Played: 13937.
Elite Forces: Jungle
(Action Game) Interesting action arcade game where you need to solve missions. Missions are in jungle and there are many enemies. Free Flash SWF game online. Play now! No download require.
Played: 32447.
European cities - where are they?
European cities - where are they? Here you will have to guess where on the map there are some European cities. The closer to miss - the more points you get. A great way to learn geography.
Played: 10908.
Flying candy
Flying candy. Easy game where you'll have to blow up a sweet way to cause a chain reaction and possibly exploded as more adjacent sweets. The farther away, the more you can train in the detonator.
Played: 9288.
Free electronic radio online
Free electronic radio online in your computer. Listen to Radio Super! Radio online. This team played last, and electronic and dance music. Music that is not detrimental for work and recreation. Listen all day for free. Such music is not anywhere.
Played: 20966.
Green alien
Green alien. UFO fell into a flying saucer from which wants to escape. It is very much labyrinth, where dangerous, here you can get lost. Help the stranger soon find the exit. Transmorpher 2
Played: 13679.
Green elf
Green elf woke up room. He does not know from where arose. He needs help to escape from the room and realize who he is. Help him.
Played: 11859.
You are the Little Knight
You are the Little Knight. Here you will have to think about how many different tasks can be solved. Press anywhere and see what happens.
Played: 11293.
Laser Man
Laser Man flies through the tunnels and dungeons. On the way encountered a man rock cut with a laser, and freeing their way. Try and you. Hurry, where the time not so much. Canary.
Played: 11795.
Map of the World
Map of the World. Here you will be able to test their knowledge and learn where the various countries of the world globe. You will be asked where you are in a country and you will have to select it on the map.
Played: 15674.
Mini doctor
Small Doctor haunting grim city and looking at your hospital. He wants to get back to work and treat the sick. But the little Doctor is lost and can not find where to go. Help him find the hospital.
Played: 22779.
Mirror wizards
Mirror wizards. Wizards to close some kind of castle, where the gray, damp and dark. They want to quickly escape from here. But as far as the door may not open - they just fall into the next room, but not in the field. Can you help them get out of here? Do you have enough logical thinking what to do?
Played: 8629.
Mole in the ground
Mole in the ground. Show Kurman direction of where to dive to the ground and he will try to collect all the underground gems and good things there. The more of everything you collect - the more points you score. This is a simple, easy game that does not require much thinking. Whack.
Played: 32554.
Night flight
Night flight. Insects do not like the dark. As a result, searching for the light source at night. Help them to find and reach the light. Lift up a tree or other object, the ball flies light up to priskristi and to remove them where necessary. Mild, but logical game suitable for the whole family.
Played: 5638.
Octa Ball
Octa Ball. Free Flash SWF game online. Play now! No download require. Knock the blue puck home? Easy peasy. But those other Chariots aren't helping matters. And where did those turrets come from?
Played: 9417.
A classic tower defense game where you have several types of turrets at your disposal. The cool twist of this game is that you are able to upgrade your turrets, and depending on the combination, you can make them work together for a combo attack. The first levels are easy, but keep going until it gets tough.
Played: 19018.
Very engaging game where you play a mercenary robot trying to destroy the invaders of Titan Prime. There are several levels, each with a large number of interconnected rooms that you need to go through. You will also earn money, which allows you to buy new weapons and armor.
Played: 20484.
Scoundrel. Where roll world? Earth occurs in darkness, There was no sign of people here - only on genetically modified food mutated fellow men fighting against each other for the last bite. And you immerse yourself in this terrible world to realize how good I am. Rawr
Played: 8212.
Sorrow of the world
Sorrow of the world. Choose with whom you will live in this world. This character will accompany you everywhere. With it, you will have to go all over the world, collecting items, search for treasure. Talk to people, they will tell you what to do.
Played: 10965.
Survive in Siberia
Survive in Siberia. Siberia is very cold. And you will end up somewhere in the woods, with only a sleeping bag and matches. You will need to turn your head if you want to get out of here, to keep warm, to die of starvation. Siberia is cruel, but a person can overcome it and return back home. Try and you.
Played: 14225.
The ancient hero
The ancient hero - a knight. It will take many kingdoms to become a soldier. Logical game, where you will have to turn the skull and pass so many levels.
Played: 12462.
Throw Paper
Very simple game where you need to throw a ball of paper on the bin. The direction arrow keeps swinging on both directions, and there is always a bit of lateral wind to increase the challenge. The objective is to hit the bin as many times in a row as possible.
Played: 11305.
Toy puzzle
Toy puzzle. Find the toys as long as possible, and note their repetition - and strike the opponent. The line can draw on all sides and diagonals. The rush is not where it should be noted the toys that come in contact and repeated. If you do not see - before you win the computer. ToyTales
Played: 12046.
Up to the last drop
Up to the last drop. You will walk in dark streets. Everywhere you look for useful items. Things you can use against enemies. Good luck to you.
Played: 10347.
Where I'm running?
Where I'm running? Wherever you are running - rear sight. However, with some effort, however you will find the finish line. Not afraid to fall hard here, because character must pay to climb, hang and jump from wall to wall.
Played: 11965.
Where is 2014?
Where is 2014? In this game you have to collect various objects and use them as unravel very complex puzzles. Solved the puzzle - escape from the year 2013 to the year 2014.
Played: 7105.
Where is brain?
Where is brain?. Free Flash SWF game online. Play now! No download require.
Played: 17906.
Where is the 2013 year
Where is the 2013 year? This is a game where you will find various items and solve the puzzle. Browse through all the corners and collect items, and then Use them to get out of these plants.
Played: 11090.