Diamond cliff
Diamond cliff. A small person jump and collect diamonds in the rock. There he finds not only diamonds but also knives, swords and other weapons. It is very much dangerous monsters until they nenušausi, can not pass. Beware of poisonous spiders that descends from above.
Played: 13579.
Double Wires
Ever wanted to fly around like Spider Man? With this little Flash game, you can get close to it. You’ll use your mouse to shoot two wires and prevent the little guy from falling. The objective is to go as far as possible.
Played: 14833.
Golden workers
Golden workers. Here you are holding workers. Tell them to dig gold, bet the house and gold storage. Watch out for spiders and other enemies.
Played: 20251.
Spider catching flies
Spider catching flies. Would you like to turn for a moment to the spider? This game will make you feel like a spider, a climbing wall and catching flies. Flies - this is the most delicious dish of the spider. Each level will become more difficult to catch all the flies, spiders are voracious, so will have to make an effort.
Played: 16303.
Super spiderman
Super spiderman. Free Flash SWF game online. Play now! No download require.
Played: 26890.