Cut the rope, feed the hare
Cut the rope, Feed the hare. This is the original game "Cut the rope" copy only the hare. Try, maybe this game you will be more interesting. Goal of the game - to cut the rope so that fruits, vegetables fall of the Rabbit in the mouth and he eats them.
Played: 9145.
Diamonds miner
This is the diamond, gold, precious stones, precious metals mine. You are holding a machine which excavates the ground. Earth, you will find a lot of precious minerals, which you can sell and upgrade their car.
Played: 21269.
Inhumanly horrific zombies
Inhumanly horrific zombies. Zombies are attacking you from all sides. They run so fast that you just barely hit Kalashnikov trigger. And the concert start - falling head and ribs. This is the horror, not the game. war zomb avatar
Played: 9742.
No Comment
No Comment. Free Flash SWF game online. Play now! No download require. If you've ever wanted to smash pie in the faces of pesky journalists, this is the game for you. Give 'em a face full of filling. Support your right to keep and bear pies.
Played: 13157.
Spider catching flies
Spider catching flies. Would you like to turn for a moment to the spider? This game will make you feel like a spider, a climbing wall and catching flies. Flies - this is the most delicious dish of the spider. Each level will become more difficult to catch all the flies, spiders are voracious, so will have to make an effort.
Played: 16300.