Barracks. You dropped off soldiers in a database, where it is raining rain, lots of explosives and weapons. It's dark. Careful, unknown to others, scroll to the base inside and destroy it.
Played: 17307.
Blowing up the bridge
Blowing up the bridge. Bridges blast today that the soldiers would not be able to pass through to your site. You have to think logically what should be done to bridge collapse after the explosion. Dead convoy.
Played: 14488.
Bush Rampage
Bush Rampage. Free Flash SWF game online. Play now! No download require. Bush unleashes the ultimate American weapon: The Tilty Truck! Squish stick soldiers, bash buildings, trash tanks!
Played: 29979.
Defensive towers to keep the diamonds
Defensive towers to keep the diamonds. The diamonds attempting various soldiers and knights. You need to build defensive towers to shoot and maintain the road. Each tower has its own strong and weak qualities. Cursed treasure 2
Played: 25502.
Demons fairy-tale country
Demons fairy-tale country. Build your guards around tales of the country and save it from raiders. Every time defeating the demon will get money. For the money you can buy better soldiers. Your village will win only if all the time to fight, collect money and do not allow the demons to plunder the population.
Played: 7523.
Dragon Age
Dragon Age. Large and very dreary world. Many soldiers, knights, horsemen. And you alone, alone, alone. Who will help you, if not the most about you? Must go through the whole world, collect treasures, weapons, and become the ruler. Great, great ruler.
Played: 144756.
Elite Forces Afghanistan
Elite Forces Afghanistan. Free Flash SWF game online. Play now! No download require. One awesome soldier on an impossible mission! Fight and shoot your way through the baddest frontier going - Afghanistan!
Played: 34402.
Enemy soldiers
Enemy soldiers. War is a nasty business. However, there is no alternative. Here you will visit many parts of the world, but most of you will be in the jungle. You are a soldier who rescues the kidnapped people.
Played: 19009.
Enemies attacking
Enemies attacking. Think carefully what you need from them and soldiers to Build your walls. They will defend your city from the barbarians, the Vikings and the other robbers. Protected the city - to protect its people, and for this you will be rewarded. each level you can buy better soldiers.
Played: 8202.
Epic Relic Soldiers
Soldiers. The game traniruosi soldiers and then send them to the enemy side. The soldiers themselves will know the target and destroy enemy bases around the present. Opposing destruction of objects - you get gold, for which you will be able would buy weapons. Relic of War.
Played: 11159.
Go away
Go away. Make your own army. Buy soldiers. Buy weapons. Improve them during training. The go a long way - the more money you get. The game will end when you come to a boss and defeat him.
Played: 17076.
Keymaster 2
Keymaster 2. Free Flash SWF game online. Play now! No download require. Type! Type for your life! Defend yourself against the onslaught of soldiers carrying enormous weird nametags. As you type soldiers' words, they get popped. Neat!
Played: 11225.
Little soldiers
Little soldiers. Free Flash SWF game online. Play now! No download require.
Played: 19175.
Mini commandos
Your family is attacked and kidnapped by the Nazis loved ones. You will not sustain itself have become a soldier. Angry Soldier. Sleep, and flee to save his family.
Played: 12126.
Protect the kingdom
Protect the kingdom. Here, every minute of a hostile king's soldiers are trying to enter the palace and take them. Here you will need to build your watchful as to avoid the enemies to the king.
Played: 26234.
Single and a black
Single and a black soldier traveling through a gray world. Here, he will meet a lot of obstacles and enemies, but you can help him. To fall off into the abyss. armed with wings culmination
Played: 8597.
Soldier of Pain
Soldier of Pain. Free Flash SWF game online. Play now! No download require. He'll bring the guns. You bring the pain.
Played: 18087.
The ancient hero
The ancient hero - a knight. It will take many kingdoms to become a soldier. Logical game, where you will have to turn the skull and pass so many levels.
Played: 13269.
The First World War 1917th
The First World War 1917th The battle zone have intense struggle between the opposing soldiers. It not only overcomes the available technical points, but a strategy. Let's army chief and try to conquer new lands. Flash game.
Played: 14119.
The war in the distance
The war in the distance. You are holding the big guns, but have limited ammunition. Shoot more accurately, that the pataikytum targets. A game similar to Angry Birds. "The essence of the game - exactly to target soldiers.
Played: 14966.
Walk on the skeleton
Walk on the skeleton. You are a soldier that is in underground caves. Doubtless, that you want to get out of here. But you are waiting a very long way to go, because there are many skeletons to walk and attack you, as well as all kinds of dinosaurs and other creatures. Not so fast, fight at the same time with only one opponent and nepraloši. Everyone killed opponent can give you useful items. Back slash crawl
Played: 9074.
Wolves home
Wolves home. This is one of the best strategy games of 2013. Here you will have to build farms, mills, barracks and other buildings. You have to train your soldiers, they protect your village from the enemy. You keep attacking neighbors from the next village. You need to find food, and make wood.
Played: 19152.