Color dinosaur
Color dinosaur. Your goal is to reach the teleport. To praeitum through obstacles ZXC click, then change their color dinosaur and fragmentation of colored wall. As soon as they caught access teleportation, the more points you score.
Played: 10577.
DisemWorld. Free Flash SWF game online. Play now! No download require. Something about kidnapped friends. Whatever. The important thing is, you run around tiny planets, and jump to other nearby planets! Good thing you're wearing sneakers.
Played: 12507.
Large losses
Large losses. Here you will need to shoot balls and balls with the cannon you to do the most significant damage. During the firing sequence of the game is very important. Max damage.
Played: 14841.
Metal carrying me
Metal carrying me. Listening to rock music flee from room to room. Do not stop here a lot of thinking is required. Just dance, Run, then enter. The most important thing here ran up to the door. Remember that you are all the time monitoring - Do not be silly.
Played: 8633.
Move Move Move the mouse
Move Move Move the mouse. It is very easy and fun game. Here each task is given a few seconds. Through them you have come here to do something and do it before the time runs out. The farther away, the užduotėlės get worse, but it still remains troublesome and interesting. The most important thing to realize in time what to do and fast to work with the mouse.
Played: 8564.
Ninja Quest 2
Ninja Quest 2. Free Flash SWF game online. Play now! No download require. Yes, all the usual ninja skillz apply. But now you can add some freaky mind weapons, like teleportation and resurrection! Spooky ninja!
Played: 14307.
Porta-Pusher. Free Flash SWF game online. Play now! No download require. These stinky plastic closets - I hate them! Grr! Let's knock them over. Maybe, like pinatas, there will be treasures hidden inside!
Played: 15316.
Portal Defenders
Arrows, A to attack, S to jump, D to throw bombs. Have fun! Free Flash SWF game online. Play now! No download require.
Played: 19444.
Stylish Bride Dress Up
This beautiful stylish girl is getting married today with the love of her life. Help her choose a stylish weeding gown for this important event in her life. Don't forget to give her some bridal accessories too. Free Flash SWF game online. Play now! No download require.
Played: 110913.
Super 3D karting
Super 3D karting. This 3D world you will have to compete with all sorts of creatures and monsters. But fear not, here's the most important speed and response. Drive first and enjoy the glory.
Played: 13563.
The animal is cowardly
The animal is cowardly. Man fell into some kind of dungeons and trying to get out of there. However, the way it often becomes pregnant all sorts of animals. Just scare them can drive away. Scared of possible ways - most importantly, that the path is clear.
Played: 15250.
Two wild boars
Two wild boars. There are two friends who help each other. Step by step, these friends goes to a new level. Here you will need to figure out what to do to be able to reach the door. Take your time and beginning Observe everything. Here important buttons, lights, switches, boxes and everything that can be tapped.
Played: 11321.