All dismayed
All dismayed, because you're a monster with big teeth. Logically, asking yourself, and do so that you scared the nun, swimmers and other people. What's more frightening, the better for you.
Played: 24005.
Blowing up the bridge
Blowing up the bridge. Bridges blast today that the soldiers would not be able to pass through to your site. You have to think logically what should be done to bridge collapse after the explosion. Dead convoy.
Played: 14677.
Bring home rabbit
Bring home rabbit. Easy and funny game. Here you need to logically pressing the appropriate objects that could hare ran to the next screen. Try and see the love. Easy joe 2
Played: 12455.
Create your poison against the monsters
Invent a poisonous biological weapon that would destroy the monsters running towards you. Remember that you need to mix yellow, blue and red of poison at two different proportions to get different weapons. Each monster is more afraid of other poisons.
Played: 14586.
Da Vinchi logical game
Da Vinchi logical game. Free Flash SWF game online. Play now! No download require.
Played: 42594.
Electrical circuit. Logic tutorials
Electrical circuit. Logic tutorials. Here you will need to turn your head and logically arranged an electrical circuit so that the electrical pritekėtų to final destination. Stir in switches, cables, batteries, fans, solar panels, to solve the puzzle. Puzzles. electricians.
Played: 16763.
Indus Valley Hidden Treasures
Indus Valley Hidden Treasures. Free Flash SWF game online. Play now! No download require. Feeling archeological? Awesome! You'll need sharp eyes to find the missing treasure. Collect precious objects, earn powerups, and make fantastic discoveries!
Played: 61524.
Logical blocks
Logical blocks. Free Flash SWF game online. Play now! No download require.
Played: 26734.
Mirror wizards
Mirror wizards. Wizards to close some kind of castle, where the gray, damp and dark. They want to quickly escape from here. But as far as the door may not open - they just fall into the next room, but not in the field. Can you help them get out of here? Do you have enough logical thinking what to do?
Played: 9883.
Mystery IQ test
Mystery IQ test. Free IQ Test mystical form of the game. Need a little knowledge of the English language, and easy to check your intelligence Coefficient. Intelligence Coefficient indicates how many can think logically.
Played: 12667.
Night flight
Night flight. Insects do not like the dark. As a result, searching for the light source at night. Help them to find and reach the light. Lift up a tree or other object, the ball flies light up to priskristi and to remove them where necessary. Mild, but logical game suitable for the whole family.
Played: 6732.
Remove the red color
Remove the red color. Here you need to remove the screen from the red squares, but leave the green. Blue shapes are neutral, so they may cancel and leave. Logical, fun game.
Played: 11294.
The ancient hero
The ancient hero - a knight. It will take many kingdoms to become a soldier. Logical game, where you will have to turn the skull and pass so many levels.
Played: 13390.
The logical path
The logical path. With the arrow keys to lead the cube to the exit. Move the cube so that it nenuskristų behind the screen. Each level is more difficult, because the brain will rotate. Orboxc
Played: 9463.
Think logically
Think logically. The game will turn heads. And here is the right sequence to remove the obstacles that impede people rolling target. The next level, the more difficult but also more interesting. Try to pass the whole game.
Played: 8162.
Turn the wheel
Turn the wheel so that the red ball to activate all the switches, collect all the stars, and then fall into the hole. It come back to the next, more difficult level. An interesting logical game. Interruption
Played: 8274.