Laser escape
Laser escape. Free Flash SWF game online. Play now! No download require.
Played: 31153.
Laser Man
Laser Man flies through the tunnels and dungeons. On the way encountered a man rock cut with a laser, and freeing their way. Try and you. Hurry, where the time not so much. Canary.
Played: 12989.
Monsters 2D
Monsters 2D. Monsters are attacking! Build fortresses to shoot monsters. Here you need to build a laser tower, cooling tower, fire tower and others. Improve towers so that they are faster and stronger.
Played: 13672.
One of the most famous games on the web. On N, you get to play a Ninja who needs to capture golden cubes and escape the level within 90 seconds. On your way, you will find mines, lasers and even heat-seeking missiles! The physics involved and the overall game play are superb.
Played: 20578.