Alley Cat
Alley Cat. Free Flash SWF game online. Play now! No download require. Eat dem fishes, avoid the electric eels! And remember, you lack gills. Don't forget to surface for a fresh breath!
Played: 63941.
Connectors. Free Flash SWF game online. Play now! No download require. : Solve some electric puzzles! Wire your bulbs proper move to the next level. Safety First!
Played: 12711.
Electric volts
Electric volts. You have to connect all the volts so that the electricity to flow through them. Completing the merger of volts to sleep and start to enjoy. Baseline levels of light, but then it will be harder ... Volt connect
Played: 10720.
Electrical boy
Electrical boy walks through the city. It can move only when connected to the mains. Help him find specific items that he could go the whole city.
Played: 25006.
Electrical circuit. Logic tutorials
Electrical circuit. Logic tutorials. Here you will need to turn your head and logically arranged an electrical circuit so that the electrical pritekėtų to final destination. Stir in switches, cables, batteries, fans, solar panels, to solve the puzzle. Puzzles. electricians.
Played: 16921.
ElectricMan 2 HS
You're electric man 2 HS, the electric kung fu fighter champion. Use your battery power to throw special moves at your robot opponents.
Played: 38363.
Energy thieves
Energy thieves. Energy Thieves builds towers and electricity as the onslaught of the enemy territory. Stolen energy is used to defeat the enemy. Try and you beat the thief and defeat all who oppose. Enegry invaders.
Played: 11963.
TESLA defense
TESLA defense. Tesla's genius extract electric gun firing electrical discharge, as lightning. Just at the moment it took such weapons, because the enemies are attacking the city. Can kill enemies from a distance and without sound - it's a real advantage.
Played: 10041.