Dental doctor
Dental doctor. Va as children are the scruff of teeth in the morning and evening. You are a dentist - dental doctor who has cured a complete cabinet sick children. All the children who came teeth decayed, with holes, dirty. It gives you all the tools that you could heal teeth and putting children home healthy.
Played: 13346.
Dr. Hare
Dr. Hare. Hare is a real doctor. He rushes to the aid and help other animals to reach the hospital. Once the animals are distressed cries help, and hare running to rescue them.
Played: 28040.
Hand doctor
Hand doctor. The boy ran to the woods and collapsed into the fire. He injured hand. You are the hand doctor who can heal the boy. First, remove with tweezers needles, then cool the burnt fingers. Later Heal other wounds.
Played: 10420.
Mini doctor
Small Doctor haunting grim city and looking at your hospital. He wants to get back to work and treat the sick. But the little Doctor is lost and can not find where to go. Help him find the hospital.
Played: 23904.