Flying Furries
Flying Furries. Free Flash SWF game online. Play now! No download require. Cute critters need your help. Click them to launch by balloon. Get as many into the basket as you can, and avoid the bees and birds!
Played: 50447.
Goofy, Mickey and Donald
Goofy, Mickey and Donald. All these naughty friends. The game is simple - you need to use a variety of weapons to defeat the other two friends. Can play together. After each weapon you use will be allowed to fly the balloon in another place that you would not reach the other. Beware of Mickey Mouse, it's very slick.
Played: 25851.
Mill on the balloon
Mill on the balloon flies and bees shines, that they would help the tree to grow fruit. When augmented a lot of fruit, they feed their monster friends. It is to pass the level. Later it will become more difficult to summon bees.
Played: 7872.
Monkey tower defence 5 TD
Monkey tower defence 5 TD. Balloons flock, and you are shooting at them. Build the strongest monkey that balloons from reaching goal. At each level, you will get the money for which you will be able to buy stronger weapons.
Played: 33012.