Fresh free games

A girl with a scarf
A girl with a scarf. She carries a magic ax. As with most other types of games, here you'll have to jump over chasms and shoot the enemies, as well as open the door and stay out predators. Good graphics, adventurous music - relax.
Played: 534.
Multiplayer poker free
Multiplayer poker. Try to not only the game of poker against the computer, but also against other opponents is a free game that will help you gain experience - blefuok Lift bets stumpk ALL IN and try to scare their opponents. Card combination can gain information on the Internet by typing in Google "poker hand. Initially, perhaps somewhat difficult it will be, but later learned to see that it's easy.
Played: 1469.
Sushi cat
Sushi cat. Throw norimoj instead of the Week, and believe that it is attaching fall as much sushi. If you fail the first time, try again. Collect as many points and to enter the next level.
Played: 2481.
TESLA defense
TESLA defense. Tesla's genius extract electric gun firing electrical discharge, as lightning. Just at the moment it took such weapons, because the enemies are attacking the city. Can kill enemies from a distance and without sound - it's a real advantage.
Played: 2033.
I look for her all over the world
I look for her all over the world. This is symbolic of love game. You choose who you will be and what will be your sweetheart. Each level will have to catch up with your love or find it. Take your time, relax and immerse yourself into the world of love.
Played: 2996.
Heart of the city
Heart of the city. Dive into the world of adventure. When running through the city quickly learned not only manage the keys, but also to experience the real adventure. Use the D,F,G and arrow keys. Obstacles to jump or palysk and destroy enemies.
Played: 2560.
Bounce shot
Bounce shot. The serial killer has a special gun with a bullet hits the wall to rebound and continue to fly. In this way, hitting more sites. Try and shoot you - or really good solvent to target? Rebound.
Played: 5372.
Give through the ass
Give through the ass. Guilty to get the punishment. Give through a guilty ass old man who he paskraidys. The farther he flies away - the more money you get, for which you will be able to buy upgrades. This game does not require any thinking.
Played: 3932.
Your choice
Your choice. You're so in love, that it may take a murmur, forests and lakes in order to come to love. So far, the love will be forgotten and to travel with caution. Here you can be brought down into the abyss, or of preventing the sharp knives. Do not rush and reach the goal.
Played: 3888.
Zombie Planet
Zombie Planet. time! These zombies are not that stupid, and - they feel the smell of the blood and moves towards you. If you fail to activate caulk gun and shot these šlikštynių - you wait for death. Pasiraitok sleeves and fight!
Played: 3271.
Jungle pinball
Jungle pinball. Press down and shoot the ball. Then watch it as long as possible from falling into the abyss, pressing the side keys. Your goal - to collect as many points. Every time the ball hits - you get the point.
Played: 3289.
Run and shoot
Run and shoot. Through the colorful world of upholding Run and jump. Enemies shoot without thinking. Here you will need to test your reaction. Jump to the key up and shoot with the mouse. Only the strongest and the fastest will be able to finish this game.
Played: 2785.
Cats and fish
Cats and fish. Cats are very fond of fish, because of their not afraid to break the castle and go to collect the fish. Full yard fish. However, as the likes of others. Help cats run to the guards and collect as many fish. Jump with the arrow keys. battlekitty
Played: 4711.
The boy is looking for girl
The boy is looking for girl. Brickyard got lost in the basement of your girl friend, you might just find you. Using the arrow keys and jump with the girl | run, and then as soon as possible then enter through the door by pushing the space bar. Each subsequent level only gets worse. ode to pixel days
Played: 5555.
Feed the king
Feed the king. The King is always hungry and loves all kinds of pies, cakes, muffins. Heap besočiui king widest bunch of cakes and achieved record. Give a try to do a friend - who will build a higher tower?
Played: 4611.