Fresh free games

6-card poker
6-card poker. Once known as the hare (rabbit) beer poker. Here you will have to compete against the computer players. At first, you will get 6 cards. On the table will open 5 cards. If you find within their own cards and the cards on the table combination that mark the cards. Later, the cards with which the game will be discharged already. But will not used. Total 5 rounds. Your goal is to win as many rounds. Save the cards, if not a good combination, and do not use them.
Played: 285.
Mini-drawing game
Mini-drawing game. Search computer without using paper and pencil - Protect the environment. Here you can save your drawings, printed. Draw a really easy and simple. For children.
Played: 2465.
The war together
The war together. Test your reaction and the ability to win against the computer. Here you have to jump and shoot. Your opponent will have the same weapons and abilities. Everything depends on you - or have a quick enough response.
Played: 2374.
One on one - boxing
One on one - boxing. You can play against the computer or against a friend. Fight boxing arena. You may select a player. Learn a variety of strokes and defeat.
Played: 1724.
Four differences
Four differences. The game, which shows two pictures. Look each picture four differences and click them. Remember that the differences might move, such as fly the plane. Are you able to complete the whole game?
Played: 2070.
Never look back
Never look back. This is a classic old-style game in which a lot of thinking is required. Here you need to go ahead and avoid obstacles, jump, shoot. If you get tired of color and high-quality graphics for gaming - Relax by moving in this.
Played: 1467.
Cut the rope, feed the hare
Cut the rope, Feed the hare. This is the original game "Cut the rope" copy only the hare. Try, maybe this game you will be more interesting. Goal of the game - to cut the rope so that fruits, vegetables fall of the Rabbit in the mouth and he eats them.
Played: 4201.
Cut the rope 2
Cut the rope 2. This game like a bomb had traveled all over the world. It needs to cut the ropes so that the animal's mouth with fallen candy. Each level is more difficult. But do not worry, there will not need a lot to think - if you can not have access to the same level to start from scratch. Good game.
Played: 5303.
Shoot the pigs
Shoot the pigs. The original Angry Birds and vivacious game known to all. This is another one of its version. Try and remember the course of the game. You need to shoot birds in pigs. Pigs must fall into the abyss. Aim correctly, select the appropriate angle.
Played: 3897.
Color tanks
Color tanks. This is a game that can be played alone with a friend or against the computer. Here you will have a fast ride with a tank and shoot colored bombs. If you are nimble and solvent using a mouse - a sure win.
Played: 3977.
Do you remember the game Galaxian
Do you remember the game Galaxian? It is like a game for those who want to remember the good old times. The game is quite different, because there are flying forward. Test it.
Played: 4460.
Pirates descend from the sky
Pirates descend from the sky. You will need to shoot out of the cannon and hit the hacker or a parachute. Adjust cannon strength Spel holding the button longer. After each level you will write as much as you are successful.
Played: 4445.
Dental doctor
Dental doctor. Va as children are the scruff of teeth in the morning and evening. You are a dentist - dental doctor who has cured a complete cabinet sick children. All the children who came teeth decayed, with holes, dirty. It gives you all the tools that you could heal teeth and putting children home healthy.
Played: 7702.
Hand doctor
Hand doctor. The boy ran to the woods and collapsed into the fire. He injured hand. You are the hand doctor who can heal the boy. First, remove with tweezers needles, then cool the burnt fingers. Later Heal other wounds.
Played: 6228.
Legends of Honor
Legends of Honor. MMO Action Strategy Game. Legends of Honor is a new MMO action strategy game by Goodgame Studios. Explore the worldmap with your hero and experience action packed battles. Build up your castle and recruit a mighty army. Join forces with other players in an alliance and conquer the world of Legends of Honor.
Played: 7145.