Fresh free games

One button game
One button game. Another lazy game. In this game Pegman Bob always goes straight to the right. You need to help him pass the level. Flush-time jump in the ditch, climb the next wall, yet another climb ladders, stairs, fire. Each room are other tasks. The main thing - to do everything on time, that is - a single button press.
Played: 915.
Move Move Move the mouse
Move Move Move the mouse. It is very easy and fun game. Here each task is given a few seconds. Through them you have come here to do something and do it before the time runs out. The farther away, the užduotėlės get worse, but it still remains troublesome and interesting. The most important thing to realize in time what to do and fast to work with the mouse.
Played: 784.
Catch Mario
Catch Mario. Perhaps you have long tired of Mario games? If so - get ready for new adventures. This game as much as amended. Here you will be Mario enemy and you'll have to catch him. Only to see that he neužšoktų on you, otherwise perish. Lightweight and fast levels immerse you in joyous adventure.
Played: 1395.
Bosses game
Bosses game. Remember the old days when video games to TV. You do not need to worry much - just shoot bosses, dinosaurs and other creatures, and most live. Old classics returned.
Played: 1046.
Sweetie. Wonderland! Here in color and sweet. Many many sweets, which will have collected. Go to the right and collect candy, you have to collect them all. Do not be afraid if it turns bad - from sweets so often.
Played: 1789.
Think logically
Think logically. The game will turn heads. And here is the right sequence to remove the obstacles that impede people rolling target. The next level, the more difficult but also more interesting. Try to pass the whole game.
Played: 1480.
City Siege 4
City Siege The city must be released, because the whole brigade arrives. All have good weapons and equipment, only need a brain. Dive into this war game and try your hand at. Are you able to liberate the city depends on you. Get ready to roll up your sleeves and get started!
Played: 1874.
Dinosaur horror meteorites
Dinosaur horror meteorites. Bek as soon as possible while on the head užkrito meteorite. Not one you are running, and the other running, no one knows where. Since going on mass hysteria here to watch and other dinosaurs, they now cannibals and crazy.
Played: 2236.
A girl with a scarf
A girl with a scarf. She carries a magic ax. As with most other types of games, here you'll have to jump over chasms and shoot the enemies, as well as open the door and stay out predators. Good graphics, adventurous music - relax.
Played: 2460.
Multiplayer poker free
Multiplayer poker. Try to not only the game of poker against the computer, but also against other opponents is a free game that will help you gain experience - blefuok Lift bets stumpk ALL IN and try to scare their opponents. Card combination can gain information on the Internet by typing in Google "poker hand. Initially, perhaps somewhat difficult it will be, but later learned to see that it's easy.
Played: 3525.
Sushi cat
Sushi cat. Throw norimoj instead of the Week, and believe that it is attaching fall as much sushi. If you fail the first time, try again. Collect as many points and to enter the next level.
Played: 4606.
TESLA defense
TESLA defense. Tesla's genius extract electric gun firing electrical discharge, as lightning. Just at the moment it took such weapons, because the enemies are attacking the city. Can kill enemies from a distance and without sound - it's a real advantage.
Played: 3830.
I look for her all over the world
I look for her all over the world. This is symbolic of love game. You choose who you will be and what will be your sweetheart. Each level will have to catch up with your love or find it. Take your time, relax and immerse yourself into the world of love.
Played: 5395.
Heart of the city
Heart of the city. Dive into the world of adventure. When running through the city quickly learned not only manage the keys, but also to experience the real adventure. Use the D,F,G and arrow keys. Obstacles to jump or palysk and destroy enemies.
Played: 4860.
Bounce shot
Bounce shot. The serial killer has a special gun with a bullet hits the wall to rebound and continue to fly. In this way, hitting more sites. Try and shoot you - or really good solvent to target? Rebound.
Played: 9016.