Fresh free games

The girl pilgrim
The girl pilgrim. Help the beautiful and intelligent little girl to find her house. It's a big world which is easy to get lost. Here you can meet friends and enemies. Jump on top of mushrooms, landžiok after underworld, cry sunny world. Here you will see a lot really.
Played: 163.
Two wild boars
Two wild boars. There are two friends who help each other. Step by step, these friends goes to a new level. Here you will need to figure out what to do to be able to reach the door. Take your time and beginning Observe everything. Here important buttons, lights, switches, boxes and everything that can be tapped.
Played: 125.
War of Civilizations
War of Civilizations. Number of people in the world. This increases the friction between the tribes. Constantly at war and hijacked territory. Which civilization soon occupy the earth, the happiness of survival struggle. And you try to seize the world. Send your troops into enemy territory. Civ wars 2
Played: 666.
The stone cannon
The stone cannon. Aim well, pick a good corner and cry. Your castle attacking ships and other enemies. If they fire off - you stay alive and protect your city. And remember - the more enemies to defeat - the stronger you will become and you will be able to improve their cannon with new technologies.
Played: 1281.
Diamond cliff
Diamond cliff. A small person jump and collect diamonds in the rock. There he finds not only diamonds but also knives, swords and other weapons. It is very much dangerous monsters until they nenušausi, can not pass. Beware of poisonous spiders that descends from above.
Played: 1202.
Mario Cannon
Mario Cannon. Fed up jump? Fed up of heavy rooms? Try Mario bazooka. You will not need to jump over or run - just shoot the enemies and blast away. The key here is good aim and objectives run shot. Bombs explode at once.
Played: 912.
Mole in the ground
Mole in the ground. Show Kurman direction of where to dive to the ground and he will try to collect all the underground gems and good things there. The more of everything you collect - the more points you score. This is a simple, easy game that does not require much thinking. Whack.
Played: 1401.
Flying hero
Flying hero. To manage flying heroes. With each trip he will get better and better weapons to help you defeat the enemies and move forward. Your goal - to save his life, killed a lot of enemies and collect a lot of weapons. Test your reactions and can quickly react to objects arriving off flights. Band of heroes
Played: 802.
Running robot
Running robot. Test your reactions and tweak it. Timely guess jump, the robot does not fall into the abyss or not placed into the wall. The farther away - the more interesting for experienced players who are not afraid to hit the floor eyes, fingers and brain. Railbot.
Played: 842.
Plasticine man
Plasticine man. This soft, green, happy person who wants to open the door. Each level is increasingly difficult. Find the golden key, then go to the door and unlock them. It seemed easy, but then you should think twice. The game is suitable for children and grandmothers. Crazy platforms.
Played: 1361.
Black culmination
Black climax. Black world just black shadows and black enemies. You will not find anything fun, so better to get away from here. Find the output will not be easy, because many risks lurk in the dark. Use your arms and "react quickly to challenges. Culmination.
Played: 628.
Survive in Siberia
Survive in Siberia. Siberia is very cold. And you will end up somewhere in the woods, with only a sleeping bag and matches. You will need to turn your head if you want to get out of here, to keep warm, to die of starvation. Siberia is cruel, but a person can overcome it and return back home. Try and you.
Played: 1944.
The animal is cowardly
The animal is cowardly. Man fell into some kind of dungeons and trying to get out of there. However, the way it often becomes pregnant all sorts of animals. Just scare them can drive away. Scared of possible ways - most importantly, that the path is clear.
Played: 1366.
Paper plane
Paper plane. It's festivities. The girl was standing at the window and saw her neighbor as her mother brought gifts. Sorrowing girl, because she has no mother. As a result, devised write Santa Claus a letter that he bestowed upon her mother. The letter and its folds the paper plane. Let him go out the window. But does it float so far? Try to you.
Played: 1253.
Walk on the skeleton
Walk on the skeleton. You are a soldier that is in underground caves. Doubtless, that you want to get out of here. But you are waiting a very long way to go, because there are many skeletons to walk and attack you, as well as all kinds of dinosaurs and other creatures. Not so fast, fight at the same time with only one opponent and nepraloši. Everyone killed opponent can give you useful items. Back slash crawl
Played: 1147.