Fresh free games

Sports golf game
Sports golf game. Your goal is to knock down the ball in the hole marked use as possible is fewer strokes. The ball can not fall into the water or inaccessible places, in which case you will be deducted one point. Adjust blows with the strength and direction with the mouse.
Played: 125.
Mill on the balloon
Mill on the balloon flies and bees shines, that they would help the tree to grow fruit. When augmented a lot of fruit, they feed their monster friends. It is to pass the level. Later it will become more difficult to summon bees.
Played: 345.
Panda vessel
Panda vessel. Spacecraft flies above the ground. Aim at the target and shoot at them. After the voters from the ground you valuables. When Saud Draw a straight line, the missile hit the target as much as possible. Each level things go faster, but also more interesting, because there will be new targets.
Played: 876.
Demons fairy-tale country
Demons fairy-tale country. Build your guards around tales of the country and save it from raiders. Every time defeating the demon will get money. For the money you can buy better soldiers. Your village will win only if all the time to fight, collect money and do not allow the demons to plunder the population.
Played: 678.
Save a monkey
Save a monkey. Build the roof so that the monkeys would not reach the rain. They do not like to soak into the rain. Each level will be more difficult. Jungle game that will relax too much thinking.
Played: 1570.
Mafia car parking
Mafia car parking. You are the driver of a mafia boss. You took her father to the restaurant Mafia. Show that you know how really good to drive. Remember that the boss will not like it if his new car dismayed. Try to park your car in a quick and orderly manner.
Played: 1079.
Night flight
Night flight. Insects do not like the dark. As a result, searching for the light source at night. Help them to find and reach the light. Lift up a tree or other object, the ball flies light up to priskristi and to remove them where necessary. Mild, but logical game suitable for the whole family.
Played: 891.
Elephant proboscis
Elephant proboscis. In this game you have to play not only with an elephant, but with rabbit and mouse. Your goal is to find the door and to access them. Remember that the elephant is strong, but sometimes too much and do not pay to jump away. The mouse is weak, but small and can pralysti through a small hole. Hare jumps high and is fast. Take advantage of the benefits of all of animals.
Played: 873.
Big Farm
Your ranch. You are a farmer who has a small farm and garden. However, much work you're lucky to expand your farm. The more farm tours - the richer you will be.
Played: 174783.
One button game
One button game. Another lazy game. In this game Pegman Bob always goes straight to the right. You need to help him pass the level. Flush-time jump in the ditch, climb the next wall, yet another climb ladders, stairs, fire. Each room are other tasks. The main thing - to do everything on time, that is - a single button press.
Played: 1800.
Move Move Move the mouse
Move Move Move the mouse. It is very easy and fun game. Here each task is given a few seconds. Through them you have come here to do something and do it before the time runs out. The farther away, the užduotėlės get worse, but it still remains troublesome and interesting. The most important thing to realize in time what to do and fast to work with the mouse.
Played: 1657.
Catch Mario
Catch Mario. Perhaps you have long tired of Mario games? If so - get ready for new adventures. This game as much as amended. Here you will be Mario enemy and you'll have to catch him. Only to see that he neužšoktų on you, otherwise perish. Lightweight and fast levels immerse you in joyous adventure.
Played: 2346.
Bosses game
Bosses game. Remember the old days when video games to TV. You do not need to worry much - just shoot bosses, dinosaurs and other creatures, and most live. Old classics returned.
Played: 1908.
Sweetie. Wonderland! Here in color and sweet. Many many sweets, which will have collected. Go to the right and collect candy, you have to collect them all. Do not be afraid if it turns bad - from sweets so often.
Played: 2747.
Think logically
Think logically. The game will turn heads. And here is the right sequence to remove the obstacles that impede people rolling target. The next level, the more difficult but also more interesting. Try to pass the whole game.
Played: 2242.