Fresh free games

Color tanks
Color tanks. This is a game that can be played alone with a friend or against the computer. Here you will have a fast ride with a tank and shoot colored bombs. If you are nimble and solvent using a mouse - a sure win.
Played: 270.
Do you remember the game Galaxian
Do you remember the game Galaxian? It is like a game for those who want to remember the good old times. The game is quite different, because there are flying forward. Test it.
Played: 278.
Pirates descend from the sky
Pirates descend from the sky. You will need to shoot out of the cannon and hit the hacker or a parachute. Adjust cannon strength Spel holding the button longer. After each level you will write as much as you are successful.
Played: 447.
Dental doctor
Dental doctor. Va as children are the scruff of teeth in the morning and evening. You are a dentist - dental doctor who has cured a complete cabinet sick children. All the children who came teeth decayed, with holes, dirty. It gives you all the tools that you could heal teeth and putting children home healthy.
Played: 1695.
Hand doctor
Hand doctor. The boy ran to the woods and collapsed into the fire. He injured hand. You are the hand doctor who can heal the boy. First, remove with tweezers needles, then cool the burnt fingers. Later Heal other wounds.
Played: 1345.
Legends of Honor
Legends of Honor. MMO Action Strategy Game. Legends of Honor is a new MMO action strategy game by Goodgame Studios. Explore the worldmap with your hero and experience action packed battles. Build up your castle and recruit a mighty army. Join forces with other players in an alliance and conquer the world of Legends of Honor.
Played: 2136.
Fast output
Fast output. Run as fast as possible and find the exit. At each level, you get the code, because after a few levels of the game you will be able to extend the next day. Here the main thing to find the exit as soon as possible and to keep going. White Pegman running out of the maze.
Played: 1968.
Penguin is running
Penguin is running out. The game objective - to prevent the penguin to reach an ice-hole. Penguin will try by all means as soon as possible to jump into the hole. You have to lay out the ice blocks to seal off the penguin. If the penguin will not remain options to get to the ice-hole - you won. The farther away, the more difficult to play, but also more interesting.
Played: 2537.
Zombie Tank
Zombie Tank. Drive as fast as possible and do not stop, because you attacking zombies! Click Z if you want to jump, X if you want to shoot. Forward drive a tank and can manage the arrow keys. After each ride can buy improvements, the tank would be faster, stronger and further driven
Played: 2469.
Chick learns to fly
Chick learns to fly. To start with he just goes up. But after each flight chick gets money and can buy a variety of ancillary items that will fly above. The above nuskrisi - the more money you get.
Played: 2460.
Metal carrying me
Metal carrying me. Listening to rock music flee from room to room. Do not stop here a lot of thinking is required. Just dance, Run, then enter. The most important thing here ran up to the door. Remember that you are all the time monitoring - Do not be silly.
Played: 2340.
Butterfly fantasy 3
Butterfly fantasy 3 game will need to look for differences. When looking for differences dive into entertaining story as well as you can listen to soothing music. If you still did not play the first and second parts of the - first of all think of them, use search and you will find the game.
Played: 2983.
Butterfly fantasy 2
Peaceful Butterfly fantasy game in which you need to find differences in pictures. By playing to engage in a beautiful but sad story. If you still did not play the first part - Think it, use search and you will find the game. It is also the third part.
Played: 2718.
Family war
Family war. Easy game with a goal - to collect as much money so you can buy better weapons to arm them and their entire family. Try to buy up all the best weapons.
Played: 2515.
Enemies attacking
Enemies attacking. Think carefully what you need from them and soldiers to Build your walls. They will defend your city from the barbarians, the Vikings and the other robbers. Protected the city - to protect its people, and for this you will be rewarded. each level you can buy better soldiers.
Played: 2783.