Fresh free games

Spider catching flies
Spider catching flies. Would you like to turn for a moment to the spider? This game will make you feel like a spider, a climbing wall and catching flies. Flies - this is the most delicious dish of the spider. Each level will become more difficult to catch all the flies, spiders are voracious, so will have to make an effort.
Played: 452.
Bomb city
Bomb city. Play against the computer or with your friends! Put Explode bombs and the walls. Collect items to become stronger and faster. Try to help the bombs so that they would not allow the opponent to get out and he lost. Train and Train and response strategy.
Played: 307.
Zuma balls
Zuma balls. Shoot the colored balls. Three balls of the same color to burst and you get points for it. Try to think a long time that the ball does not reach you. If the ball moves closer to you - the game is over.
Played: 935.
Playing with explosives
Playing with explosives. Here you will need to be faster and gudresniam. With the spacebar Put bombs that exploded its borders, and there's some good stuff their ills. Nepapulk the blast wave because even killed. Your task accumulation of all kinds of explosives and squeeze the opponent's corner to the explosion.
Played: 845.
Puffer Balls
Puffer balls. The depths of the caves of the Incas sends balls. Tunnel riedėdamas balls pose a threat to your home. Shoot the colored balls so as to collect three or more of one color, then they explode and your home will be protected. Zuma.
Played: 932.
Different Soliteir
Soliteir different - there will be distributed semi-circle cards. You need to put the cards from Ace to 2 and vice versa, in a row. Win, when all the cards are placed. Note that the wines, crosses and other cards must match.
Played: 775.
Roman puzzles
Roman puzzles. This game will make you easy to relax. Try drawing these put together in such a way that the diagram the same stop in a row. The best collection of a series of paintings 4-5-6 uniform, so you get more points.
Played: 975.
Poker - one on one
Poker - one on one. This Texas Holdem game against the computer. Practice, learn to play poker. Think of your strategy to win. Be bold as a stupid computer.
Played: 304.
Around the world in 80 days
Around the world in 80 days. Playing this puzzle you travel through the cities of the world and get to know them. Here you will need to lay out the various blocks that coincide with the color and it exploded. Nowhere Take your time, because it is soothing game.
Played: 1174.
Area cutting Pacman
Area cutting Pacman. Let us remember Pacman, only different. Here you will need to run at you from wanting to eat puppets and cut the screen area to cut down the larger area. When mowing in the area, look out for flying smileys.
Played: 1230.
Japanese pads Majiang
Japanese pads Mah Jong. Majiang, mah jongg - this diligence, game from Japan. Blocks placed pyramid. You need to find a matching pair and hit them, then they will disappear and you will be able to continue the game until the board is completely empty.
Played: 1168.
The war in the distance
The war in the distance. You are holding the big guns, but have limited ammunition. Shoot more accurately, that the pataikytum targets. A game similar to Angry Birds. "The essence of the game - exactly to target soldiers.
Played: 1918.
Black guy in the black world
Black guy in the black world. Peoples want to come running home as fast as possible, but moving black wall it undermines the way. Each level more and more obstacles still moving quickly. Mikl fingers you will be able to find your way to the poor. shadowscape
Played: 784.
Save a kitten
Save a kitten. When deciding puzzle game to defeat the enemy and liberate the cat, who sits užgrotų. Help the poor kitten to be released, try to blow up the larger puzzle line. Meowra
Played: 973.
Color dinosaur
Color dinosaur. Your goal is to reach the teleport. To praeitum through obstacles ZXC click, then change their color dinosaur and fragmentation of colored wall. As soon as they caught access teleportation, the more points you score.
Played: 1504.